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About us

For more than 50 years, we have worked closely with our clients to anticipate, plan for and overcome threats and challenges and keep them at par with their contractual exposures.

Handling a case or an issue for a client is just the beginning of a relationship. Learning the way our clients approach the business, their method of operations, their ability to absorb financial exposure, their short medium and long-range plans, combined with marketplace issues, regulatory and political concerns - while often crucial for the immediate task, is essential if we hope to continue to be an asset to them in the future.

We know all too well that goals may sometimes not be attained, or once attained, can sometimes be in jeopardy.

Competitors, Sub-contractors, Regulators and even Clients and one-time allies, can slow or halt progress - or worse, by their actions or inactions, destroy it.

From developing often novel contract strategies that address specific challenges to working beside our clients in their offices, in meeting rooms and standing alongside them in courtrooms, before tribunals and governmental agencies, we help to preserve that hard-won success every day.

Hesketh Contract Services is distinguished not only by the depth and scope of its contract advisory services, but also by its vast experience in the international arena, particularly in providing contract advisory services to, and in, developing or emerging countries. The Firm has decades of experience in multijurisdictional issues in numerous legal systems ranging across Civil, Codified, Sharia and Miltary laws - as well as in transitional economic and political systems. Consequently, we are known for unusual effectiveness in helping clients accomplish their objectives in environments others find uninviting and unfamiliar.

The Firm has broad experience in advising clients on all aspects of international engineering, procurement and construction projects from bid documents to, concession contracts, joint ventures, construction contracts, subcontracts, technology, technical service agreements, project management agreements, operational management agreements, contract administration, claims, disputes, alternative dispute resolution techniques and, where necessary to resolve disputes, international conciliation, arbitration and litigation.

The Firm assists major international civil works and process plant contractors; sovereign states and state-owned bodies, including government ministries; private owners and real estate developers; commercial companies in the oil and gas industry; architectural, consulting engineering and similar professional service firms; and insurance companies, banks and financial institutions with regards to their exposure to contracting risk.

The Firm is experienced in the use of the principal forms of construction contract employed internationally including, among others, the F.I.D.I.C., E.N.A.A., E.D.F., I.C.E., NEC, A.I.A. and U.S. Corps of Engineers' forms and other important domestic forms in various countries.

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